About Yoga Course

The basis of the course lay knowledge / experience obtained by leading their mentors and teachers, as well as their extensive experience in the practice of yoga and teaching yoga.

Lead also like to thank all the guys who have actively participated in the testing and improvement of the course.

Why online course on yoga free?

Although spending on the stage of creation and development of the course was a lot, a leading left the course accessible to all on a voluntary donation to a voluntary contribution to the development of the course. More Leading expects participants to information support - tell us about the course of your friends.

The rights to this Yoga Course

Yoga - is the property of all mankind. The chief of course only in their stated that knowledge, so this course and all rights belong to the master. This is done to ensure that the texts of the individual lessons were not used separately outside of course, because benefit from the course in his sequence of lessons.

That is why the leading goes to meet everyone, who wants to use the course at home. Get in touch with the leading and it will help to organize a course on your website.

The course, as well as leading the course will continue to develop, improve, improve, so stay with us, follow the development of the course.

In the plans:

addition to the lessons, the results of surveys and reviews
courses in different languages
video lessons
meeting fellow students (for those interested)

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