Йога курс для всех

What will the course "Fundamentals of Yoga"?

Fundamentals of safety when working with the body in different asanas - the power, flexibility, inverted

The basis for the breathing activity of the whole organism and increase the energy potential

The basis of meditation techniques for modern man

The basis of the power of yoga for everyone

What will last the entire course "Fundamentals of Yoga"?        

         Understanding the basics of yoga
         Application fundamentals in practice
         Confidence in his practice as a group and individually
         Motivation for growth
         Answers to questions on yoga

How is the training of yoga at our course?

It's simple:

First, you sign your e-mail address (Email) and its name in the form on the site
After confirming your subscription to your Email lessons will come every two days
Each lesson will be additional material recommended for the study
Each participant of the course examines the course of their own, asking questions about the course on the page "FAQ"
After completing the first stage, which covers the basics of Asanas and Pranayama, you can go to the second stage, which is a description of meditative techniques, nutrition, etc.

Begin to learn yoga online now, send Email to get the first lessons.

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